Increase Instagram Engagement with these 7 tips

Increase Instagram Engagement with these 7 tips

The Instagram algorithm treasures engagement above all else on the platform. If your post engages well then Instagram will show your content to more people. So if you want to amplify your Instagram numbers than having posts with great engagement adds to your organic reach

1 Make Good Content
This is the most important part of making any post on social media. All the tips that follow assume that you are making quality content. The key to having engaging content on Instagram is to make it visually appealing. Spend some time with your graphic designer to make eye-grabbing content. Videos work well on Instagram so it pays to learn video editing skills.

2 Use all available features
Instagram offers many ways to communicate with your audience. Make full use features such as hashtags and geotags. Relevant hashtags increase reach and geotags add to the cluster of local and hyperlocal posts. Make use of galleries to post multiple pictures for added engagement opportunities.

3 Insta Stories
Stories are one of the biggest sources of daily engagement on Instagram. You can decorate them with stickers and even music. Stories are not purely the domain of millennials as brands regularly make use of this feature to engage with a wide range of consumers.

4 Complete Bio with Link
You cannot add links to your posts so a link in the bio helps a lot in diverting traffic from Instagram to your website or your eCommerce page.

5 Use Analytics
Instagram Analytics help you understand your top posts so you can learn about the type of content that is working on your audience. Keep peeking under the analytics hood to improve your content with every post

6 Understand followers and follower fatigue
Instagram lets you know when your followers are online so you can post accordingly for maximum engagements. However, spamming your audience every few hours only adds to the follower fatigue where they are overloaded with content and hit the unfollow button as a reaction.

7 Interact with Audience
Instagram, like any other social media platform, allows two-way communication as compared to traditional media. Do not ignore comments and messages as it defeats the purpose of being on social media. Think of ways beyond tagging and liking to engage your audience such as making .gifs and asking your followers to make screengrabs.

With more than 500 million daily active users and counting, brands need to have a presence on the next big social networking platform that is Instagram. If your brand recognizes this and requires a kickass Instagram plan that fits in with your marketing goals send an email to for a free quote!


[Note: there can be a follow-up blog that is 4 more ways to increase Instagram engeagement]


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